Brand philosophy


A revolution in the conscious hair care - in compliance with its porosity

The Anwen brand represents an innovative and conscious approach to the hair care based on our knowledge and many years of experience.

When developing recipes for our cosmetics, we are the first in Poland to consider such an important factor as the hair porosity, which is the most conclusive when selecting the right active ingredients for them. Hair featuring the different porosity - high, low and medium porous hair - requires the different types of the conditioning substances selected according to their molecule size. Last, but not least is an issue of the balance between the three groups of the substances that are found in the hair cosmetics: humectants, proteins and emollients. When composing our products, we take care to maintain the balance between them.

Thanks to these concepts, the Anwen cosmetics are better matched to the needs of the hair and therefore more effective. Due to the optimally selected ingredients, the high porosity hair regains its lost shine and becomes smoother, while the low porous one gains the lacked volume and lightness. The quality of our products is based on the rich compositions and a high concentration of the active substances selected to have a positive effect on both the condition and appearance of the hair.

At Anwen, we only develop the cosmetics that we want to use by ourselves, ones that we would recommend to our best friend!

All of this has begun as follows…

The Anwen brand was established over 9 years ago in the form of the most popular hair care blog in Poland run by Anna Kołomycew. It is a kind of compendium of knowledge about the hair and manners of taking care for it. Since the very beginning of its existence, the blog has been visited by almost 7 million persons interested in the subject-matter of the hair care. These persons are aware of the needs of their hair and are looking for the products that best suit these needs. The idea to create a product line of own cosmetics composed in terms of the hair porosity emerged in 2013, and two years later our company was set up. Since then, we have been creating products thanks to which making a choice of the best cosmetics for your hair is easier and more convenient.


All the time we introduce changes that help our customers reduce an amount of waste generated. We seek optimal solutions that are environmentally friendly and at the same time safe and convenient to use.


When choosing packaging for products, first of all we take decisions on raw materials that are easy to process: glass jars or bottles, metal cans, cardboard boxes, monomaterial plastics.

Tubes of our hair conditioners and night masks are made of PCR - a plastic recycled from post-consumer packaging. PCR is 100% recyclable.

Bottles made of PET for shampoos are also recyclable. Packages with a pump, a foamer or an atomizer can be refilled and reused upon emptying.


We reuse all packaging materials that we get in packages: boxes, cardboards, film. For the purpose of filling the packages cushioning their content we use recycled paper and biodegradable packing “peanuts”.

Our Team/Founders

Anna Kołomycew

Anna Kołomycew, more commonly known as Anwen – an author of a blog dedicated to the hair and books about their care, a declared hair maniac since 2009! Throughout this time, she has been supporting thousands of girls and women to fulfil their dream of the long and beautiful hair, and she has inspired hundreds of others to take care of it. A mathematician by profession, she reads a lot in her free time, plans long journeys and does long braids to her daughter Zuzia.

Katarzyna Sawicz

Katarzyna Sawicz, Ph.D. in Chemistry. She is involved in biotechnology, polymers and chemical synthesis. She fulfils herself both as a university employee, entrepreneur, and a passionate about a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the hair and complexion. A winner of many international competitions in the field of the innovation and entrepreneurship. In private, she loves to spend many hours on horse riding and her daughters who frolic mightily.

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