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moisturizing conditioner for different hair porosity


Is your hair dry, rough, and dull? This is a sign that it lacks moisture! Anwen conditioner includes five ingredients that are able to absorb and maintain water in your hair. The power of humectants in the conditioner makes the hair well moisturized, thus more shiny, smooth, and bouncy.

Following less waste approach, the tubes of our mini conditioners are made of easily recyclable aluminum. The mini-tube is enough for 1-3 uses, depending on the length of your hair. The mini conditioner is perfect for travel or to try out if you are not yet familiar with our product.

conditioner pH: 3,9

93% ingredients of natural origin

A plant-based natural ingredient - Pentavitin provides deep and long-lasting (up to 72 hours) hydration and Hyaloveil-P®, which penetrates the hair structure intensively and lastingly moisturizing it. The hydrating effect is enhanced by the aloe juice rich in vitamins, and minerals as well as glycerin and urea. The nanoparticle onion extract enters deep into the hair and rebuilds it, while the potato starch smoothes and provides additional care.

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