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emollient conditioner for medium porosity hair


Is your hair frizzy, static, and too light? It's a sign that your hair needs emollients!

Following less waste approach, the tubes of our MINI conditioners are made of easily recyclable aluminum. The mini-tube is enough for 1-3 uses, depending on the length of your hair. The mini conditioner is perfect for travel or to try out if you are not yet familiar with our product.

conditioner pH: 3,55

94% ingredients of natural origin


Is your hair frizzy, static, and too light? It's a sign that it lacks emollients! Anwen conditioner contains up to 5 oils including broccoli (which acts as natural silicone), macadamia, moringa, tsubaki, and plum seeds. The oils are rich in fatty acids and optimally adapted to the needs of medium-porosity hair*. The power of emollients makes your hair smooth, shiny, and flexible. The scent of iris delights your hair SPA, making it more pleasant, and relaxing.

*Check your hair porosity: https://sklepanwen.pl/strona/porowatosc

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