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NIGHT SET for hair with medium porosity


Fairy tale hairstyle? See for yourself that it is possible. The Sleeping Beauty night mask will take care of your hair intensively while you sleep well.


The mask contains ingredients that rebuild and strengthen the hair structure from the inside. The patented FiberHance molecule reconstructs damaged keratin fibres. Rich in protein, spirulina and oils matched to medium porosity prevent hair from breaking and split ends.

Based on the synergy of nature and science, we chose a number of substances acting on the hair surface: derivatives of hydrolysed potato and corn starch, film-forming copolymers of sebacic acid and castor oil, the natural equivalent of silicones obtained from macadamia oil and red seaweed extract. These mask components seal parted hair cuticles and smooth, condition, protect and strengthen the cuticle. After using the mask, the hair is shiny, frizzing is reduced, and their colour fades less.

Turban Wrap It Up (black)
Turban Wrap It Up, made of breathable, absorbent and smooth cotton, is the best friend of every woman who consciously cares for her hair. Thanks to the small addition of elastane, it stays great on your head and the rubber loop protects it from accidental unwinding. No more parading in an uncomfortable towel that slides and unfolds! Smooth, black turban will allow you to take care of your hair comfortably and easily, and at the same time look chic;)

Why do you need a turban Wrap It Up?
- to our Sleeping Beauty night mask, if you are afraid of a pillow
- instead of a towel - for drying the hair
- for hair - after applying a mask or oil, so that they penetrate deeper into the hair
- for plopping if you make a turn
- for protecting hair during facial treatments

Step by step - how to use turban Wrap It Up?
Tilt your head forward, put on the turban, put the hair in it, wrap it in a roll and clip it at the back with a rubber loop.

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