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Mini Protein Orchid

conditioner for high porosity hair


Is your hair flat, limp, and lifeless? It's a sign that it lacks proteins! Anwen conditioner contains the proper protein composition to improve your hair.

Our MINI tubes are made from easy to recycle aluminum and follow less waste idea. The small tube (15 ml), depending on the length of the hair, should be sufficient for 1-3 uses. The mini tube is perfect for traveling or trying out if you are unfamiliar with our products.

The pH of the conditioner: 3,8

93% ingredients of natural origin

15 ml

- keratin (with a molecular weight of 50 000 Da) and extra hydrolyzed keratin, which perfectly fill in the losses both on the surface and inside the hair structure due to their amino acid compatible composition

- green pea proteins (with an average molecular weight of 1,500 Da) and a high concentration of glutamic and aspartic acids (strongly hydrophilic) penetrate deep into the hair structure and provide additional hydration

- collagen and elastin (with an average molecular weight of 325 000 Da), which, thanks to their film-forming properties, create a protective film on the hair surface, keeping the moisture in, as well as filling in the hair surface defects, smoothing and making it more flexible

The proteins will restore defects in the hair structure and make it smoother, glossy, and bouncy. The pleasant aroma of orchid will make your hair SPA enjoyable.

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