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Darling Clementine

scalp soothing serum


Hydrated, calm, and healthy scalp? This is possible thanks to Darling Clementine.

Our serum was created for everyone who struggles with irritation, dryness, or excessive scalp greasiness. It contains a variety of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, licorice extract, chicory, red algae, rice bio ferment, and yeast extract, which deeply moisturize the scalp, reduce irritation and boost regeneration. In addition, Darling Clementine contains antibacterial and antifungal substances. It helps fight dandruff, regulates the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation, and strengthens hair roots reducing hair loss.


Moisturized, calm, and soothed scalp. Is it really possible? Use Darling Clementine serum and see the difference.

Darling Clementine was created for people dealing with irritation, dryness, or excessive oiliness. It contains plenty of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, licorice, chicory, and red algae extracts, as well as rice bioferment and yeast extract that moisturize the skin deeply, soothe irritation and accelerate regeneration. Willowbush extract and radish bioferment have antibacterial and antifungal properties to help fight dandruff. Zinc gluconate, Hub fungus extract, and vitamin B6 regulate the sebaceous glands and prevent excessive oiliness. Vitamin PP and Biotin improve blood circulation in the scalp and positively affect hair bulbs to make them stronger.

The serum helps the scalp regain its natural balance, which is the key to healthy and beautiful hair.

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